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I'm Jillian (she/they) New England born and raised, currently residing in Somerville MA. Graduated from Lesley University in May 2024 with a BFA in interactive design specializing in UI/UX.  


Ever since I was young, I've been drawn to design, whether it was orchestrating basement dance experiences for my family or investing countless hours constructing houses in the Sims video games. Using creativity as a means of expression has been a fulfilling part of my self journey.


At first, my studies at LA+D were rooted in graphic design, but as I started taking classes like Introduction to Interactivity and Design Thinking & Research, my perspective on design deeply expanded. Now, my practice seamlessly integrates my foundation in visual design with UI/UX product design. I feel confident managing projects, teams and clients with clear communication while still heightening passion and excitement. 


  • Lover of all things spooky

             Especially ouija boards, haunted houses & bats

  • Horror movie obsessed

             Favorites include Carrie, anything Wes Craven or A24

  • TV binge-watcher

             Favorites include Yellowjackets and Game of Thrones

  • Self proclaimed gamer

             PC > Console, currently playing Baldur's Gate 3

  • All-black fit master

             I feel the most confident when wearing all black

  • Supporting drag artists since 2015

             I've seen 32 seasons of Drag Race

  • Studying astrology since 2019

             I'm a Capricorn (Jan 17) aka I work hard!

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